What is Youth Alive?
Youth Alive is a multi-faceted strategy to bring Jesus Christ, the message of Hope, to our middle school, junior high and high school campuses. Youth Alive can impact a campus through prayer, empowerment, networking, and outreach.

It is a student-led and adult-supported ministry. Youth Alive provides students with the means and support needed to reach their friends and classmates with the gospel.



Prayer Zone Partners

Prayer Zone Partners (PZP) is a prayer initiative for the youth and children of America.

The Prayer Zones are:

A PZP is someone who commits to pray on a regular basis for the youth and children of America. The prayer zones are strategic areas which ultimately impact the youth and children.

Prayer Zone Partners gives both students and adults the opportunity to have tangible ownership in youth ministry and the local community as a whole. By enlisting concerned youth and adults to pray, we create an immediate intercessory prayer cover for our young people as they work on the front lines to make a difference in the lives of their friends and classmates.


Campus Missionaries

Students reaching students is what youth ministry is all about. Empowering students to become campus missionaries helps enable them to accept personal responsibility to reach the lost of their generation. By making campus missions a priority, students can live out their faith today and develop a deeper owernship of their beliefs that will last later in life.

A Campus Missionary commits to:

If you become a Campus Missionary today you can receive 5 free copies of the Book of Hope. You can also receive a complimentary FIREBIBLE that we want to invest in you.

Student Outreach Resources

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